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Recommend a book to be included in this site. The rules:

1. It has to relate to Jews, Judaism or Israel. (No books on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict will eb posted. This is a non-political site.)

2. It has to be new, published within the last 12 months.

3. It has to be in English (or if bilingual one of the languages need to be English).

4. Each book is mentioned only once on this site, so search for this site to see whether it was included already or not.

1. If approved I will let you know when the book will be shared on this site. Usually within a week. On most weekdays (excluding Jewish and US Holidays) 3 new books are posted.

2. If you have a Jewish book related event to share, use the Message field to include details about that and I may repost it. No guarantees though.

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