Soul = umbilical cord

Fort Wayne’s News Sentinel had a short summary of a workshpo in Ohio titles The Spark Within Me: My Soul. In the course of the straightforward account were these lines:

In his book “Practical Kabbalah,” the Rabbi Laibl Wolf devoted a section to describing the soul under the heading “Who Am I?””You probably think of a soul as some deep point within,” he wrote. “This concept is quite foreign to Jewish mystical teachings.”

In the Kabbalah, your spiritual center is called the neshama. You can imagine this as a long umbilical cord running through you, from which emanates the life forces that animate us.

That kept me wondering what does this symbolical umbilical cord connect to. The original is between mother and child, the life giver and the new life, which cannot exist without its originator. If this metaphor is to be applied then the role of the mother can be paraleled only with God’s, or whatever name you choose to apply to the higher power. Does that imply that God’s in us? If yes, this is an example for the meaning of God created human in its resemblance.

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