Kellman: Matrix Healing

This NY Sun article pointed me to Dr. Raphael Kellman‘s Matrix Healing: Discover Your Greatest Health Potential Through the Power of Kabbalah. I am not particulalry endorsing it as I haven’t read it. I am a bit wary of the marketing type lino arodun the book, like this one:

The ancient mystical tradition of Kabbalah shows us that within our day-to-day material world there is an unseen world, a place of great energy and power. Dr. Raphael Kellman calls this realm “the matrix.” In this parallel universe we are all perfectly healthy and filled with the light of the creator. Matrix Healing shows us how to bring this healing realm into our lives.

Also, checking the doctor’s biography on his own site the only factual information besides generic accolades was this bit, Kellman, who immersed himself in study with Rabbi Ravi Berg…. I am serious, we learned nothing of the author in his biography besides this single point. Sorry, I am not interested in Berg’s Kabbalah marketing campaign Center.

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