Weiman: A Simple Guide to Happiness (2006)

Book coverFollowing the lead of the intro line of Rabbi Max Weiman’s monthly column at the JewishInStLouis.org to Amazon.com I realized that his new book was published in November. The description of the 68 page booklet does not give much away:
This short book gives the reader a user friendly handle on three key ideas that lead to a happy life. They all boil down to independent thinking, but the important part is how this is attached to the soul. Practical examples and exercises make this book a hands on tool for life long happiness.

Weiman’s own site, Kabbalah Made Easy, has plenty of free material in the form of courses/articles, but visitors can buy his writings and ask questions from him too. Let me just pick one sentence form his site from the autobiographical page, in case it helps:
His own books A Map of the Universe: An Introduction to the Study of Kabbalah, Cycle of Influence: Kabbalah and Astrology, and A Simple Guide to Happiness: From a mystical perspective, he has self-published and is seeking a mainstream publisher for them.

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