Mirsky: Dante, Eros, Kabbalah (2003)

Mirsky: Dante, Eros, Kabbalah (2003)

I more or less accidentally came upon this book as I was looking for something else, not even Kabbalah related. I didn’t find out much about it, as there is only one Amazon review and a short description at the publisher’s (Syracuse University Press) site. The later suggests that the Zohar is a clue “to this academic detective story” about Dante and his relationship to Beatrice Portinari. And I copy here the former in its full length.

Mark Mirsky’s Dante, Eros, Kabbalah is a spinning, lush, analytical look at Dante’s relationship to the mysterious Beatrice. He looks at Dante’s world through the weave of Jewish mysticism and western philosophy, and this tilts each world enough so that you see everything in a new light as you read. With inspired madness and genius, Mirsky delves deep into the abyss of paradise and love. Highly recommended.

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