Lévi and the Kabbalah (2006)

Levi coverHere is a review (or more like description) of a book that does not fit into my narrow Jewish Kabbalistic interests on at least multiple accounts. Éliphas Lévi and the Kabbalah – The Masonic and French Connection of the American Mystery Tradition by Robert L. Uzzel is about Eliphas Levi, who despite sporting Hebraic name was a Frenchman (from the 19th century). It was written by a Christian theologian. But the review is from today, the book was published recently, two months ago and it is related to Kabbalah’s influence (on Levi and consequently on a whole family of magickal traditions), so why not mention it. The review is on the blog of the publisher, Cornerstone, that is why it reads more like a description than a critical analysis. I looked into the sample chapter [PDF] posted by the publisher, about Levi’s life. I liked the style and the content, the book sounds interesting and well researched if you are into spiritualism and freemasonry, but I will probably skip it.

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