Gregory/Tintori: The Book of Names (2006)

Book coverOyve, the Daily Southtown told me the plot of a new book:

In ‘The Book of Names,’ a fictional, nefarious offshoot sect of the ancient Gnostic tradition known as the Gnoseos has learned the identities of 33 of 36 lamed vovniks and has systematically assassinated them to hasten the end of the world.

Sounds like we’ve got a Kabbalistic Da Vinci Code on our hands. And not just on ours, in Germany, where it was published last December, the book was on the bestseller list. In the US the book came out last month. The linked article quotes one of the authors’ hope ” that they [the readers] have a better understanding of Kabbalah [after reading the book] and some of the beauty that is inherent in Judaism, like the appreciation for life.” I hope she is right, but I would need to read the book to form an opinion whether it helps or not. Will do.

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