Berg: Kabbalah on Love (2006)

UK Book coverUS book coverThe ever prolific popularizer of Kabbalah , Yehuda Berg, published a book on “Kabbalah on Love“, with the subtitle “Technology for the Soul.” Digital Cubics’ blog copied the summary from Amazon: “Berg makes the distinction between love and need — which is a selfish product of ego — and reminds readers that only after connecting with the love within, and learning to love themselves, can they truly love someone else.” According to Amazon’s listing it was published in December 2006, but the official description suggests it was done for Valentine’s Day. I wanted to agree the latter, because it looks red enough to fit in the theme of the event. (Yes, I do judge a book by its cover, at least partially.) But with a little search I found that in the UK it was published in 2005 November. Look how the covers of the two versions differ. The one on the left is the newer US edition, while the right is the older from the UK. The one and only review at Amazon says it is “simple to read and to understand.” I have no doubts. The cover is made simpler for the US audience too.

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