Laszlo and Laitman

On a Hungarian forum on Kabbalah somebody posted a slightly ambiguous message indicating that there is a book written together by Micheal Laitman and Ervin Laszlo. I deeply respect Ervin for his work in the Club of Budapest. My father who worked together with Laszlo in various projects introduced the man and his body of work to me that I found noble and inspiring, although a bit too abstract for me. I was surprised to hear that he worked together with Laitman, the driving force behind Bnei Baruch. This is an organization with many branches and endeavors that is popularizing Kabbalah (or at least their understanding of it) through many channels.

I wanted to find out what book these people have written together. I did not succeed in my attempt. I learned that Laszlo gave two lectures in 2006 at a Bnei Baruch conference. (The audio, video and transcript is available from the bottom of this page. ) I also saw that at the bottom of the list of authors at KabbalaBooks.Info (a Bnei Baruch site) Laszlo is mentioned as someone who wrote “to one of Dr. Laitman’s publications Kabbalah Science and the Meaning of Life.” At the English description of the book itself I did not find Laszlo’s name mentioned. At the Hebrew edition, however, there are a few lines of praise from Ervin on Laitman’s work.

I would still like to find out whether they worked together more extensively, whether they actually produced a book or an article jointly. Any pointers appreciated.

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