A Day of Kabbalah

Day signDay2Today is the Day of Kabbalah in Manhattan. It is an all day conference, hosted by Rabbi Naftali Citron, who used to be the Chabad rabbi in Santa Cruz, CA, where I met him a few times. It is co-sponsored by The Carlebach Shul, the JCC in Manhattan (where the event takes place) and SinaiLive.com, a “nonprofit initiative committed to assisting high quality Jewish organizations fully realize their multi-media potential.”) Here is the list of all the lectures/workshops,

  • Prof. Lawrence Fine: Scholar, Mystic, Saintly Teacher: The Life of the Ari as Perceived and Experienced by His Closest Disciples
  • Avraham Sutton: Reincarnation: The Collective Drama of Souls: The Ari’s Teachings on Gilgul
  • Prof. Shaul Magid: Redemption and Identity: Can Gentiles be Prophets? The Case of Balaam in the Eyes of the Ari
  • Rabbi DovBer Pinson: Intention and Prayer: The System and Practice of Using Kavanot in Prayer in Lurianic Kabbalah
  • Miriam Shulamit Ribner: Kabbalah of Healing: A Meditative Workshop Inspired by Teachings of the Ari
  • Nathaniel Berman: Zohar: The Faces of God: The Zohar as the Source for the Ari’s Mystical System
  • David Solomon: Vessels and Sparks: Tzimtzum: An Idea Explored in Context and Evolution
  • Rabbi DovBer Pinson: Soul and Purpose: The Idea of Divine Inspiration /Ruach HaKodesh for the AriZal
  • Prof. Larry Fine: Love and Spiritual Friendship: Rabbi Isaac Luria’s Mystical Fellowship and the Repair of the Cosmos
  • David Solomon: Redeeming the World: Mystical Errors of the Righteous: The Concept of Ta’ut in Lurianic Kabbalah
  • Avraham Sutton: Faces of the Divine: Partzufim : A Central Idea in the Ari’s Cosmology
  • Rabbi Naftali Citron: Come Let Us Greet the Bride: The Kabbalistic Origins of Kabbalat Shabbat

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