Luria/Wisnefsky: Apples from the Orchard (2006)

ApplesLet me show you how I stumbled upon to “Apples from the Orchard.” Sunday Bat Aliya posted an entry on “Books to Inspire You To Make Aliyah and Bring Geula.” One of her recommendations was “Mashiach: Who? What? Why? How? Where? and When?” by Chaim Kramer. The link in her post pointed to the book’s page  at That book is not specifically about Kabbalah, so I will not include here in the listing. But there are plenty of others at that site which does fit the profile here. So I picked one that looked interesting to introduce.

This two year old book is a selection of Arizal’s (Rabbi Yitzchak Luria) rabbinic interpretation of the Torah, unfolding “before us a hidden dimension of the stories and laws of the Torah, showing how they reflect the inner dynamics of reality and how our knowledge and observance of the Torah is crucial to the proper functioning of creation.” At the Judaism link you can read the Table of Contents and the Preface by the translator, Rabbi Moshe Wisnefsky. At the book’s own website you can learn even more about it.

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