Kalisch: Sefer Yezirah (1877)

Yesterday I visited the central branch of the local library for the first time. (In the past I usually went to the local branch.) They have about 30-40 books on or related to Jewish Kabbalah. I picked up a gem I haven’t seen or knew about before. It is an 1877 edition of Sefer Yezirah. The spelling was not a typo, although the modern transliteration is Yetzirah. The book is bilingual English and Hebrew. (The latter is pointed, i.e. the vowels are filled in for the reader.) I scanned in the cover and the title page, see below, click the images for larger version; it is worth it. The book also has six pages of notes and four pages of “Glossary of rabbinical words”, which looks like a basic Hebrew-English dictionary. The book was published and donated to the library by The Rosicrucian Order (of San Jose) and has an explanatory afterword describing them.

Cover Title page

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