Seidman: The Oracle of Kabbalah (2001)

The Oracle of KabbalahA few weeks ago a blog, titled Jewish Books, posted an overview of Richard Seidman‘s The Oracle of Kabbalah: Mystical Teachings of the Hebrew Letters (with a forward by Lawrence Kushner). Clicking on the embedded link one gets to a page with the a similar length, but different overview (which confusingly removed all apostrophes) under a graphical  banner of Jewish Books. It is under the domain a site operated by the author of the blog. Clicking on the banner takes us to one of the main pages of However the navigation of that site is limited. In order to get the full experience and list of books this site offers one should start on this page. From there the 50 books they offer on Kabbalah/Mysicism is nicely broken down by topic or author to 8 separate pages. I will add missing books listed there to at the end of the month. Meanwhile here is the essential of what this item is about:

Divination–telling the future by magical means–is a dodgy business. Deuteronomy deemed it “repulsive to God.” And yet Jews have always attempted to discern the future in various ways, including the casting of lots and meditation upon the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, the Aleph Beit. Richard Seidman presents a primer for the latter form of divination in The Oracle of Kabbalah.

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