Mittler Rebbe/Malamud: The Key to Chassidus (2002)

On April 1 I received the first suggestion from a website visitor for a book to be included in this site. Joe Markel recommended The Key to Chassidus. The author was listed as Bitzalel Malamud. I tried to find out more about the book, but it was not listed on Amazon and searching for the author’s name Google gave me only 8 hits. One of those though led to, where anyone can self-publish a book. The book’s page there includes this description:

An explanation and translation of  “The Gate of Unification” by the Mittler Rebbe. This book explains how the physical and spiritual worlds are emanated and created through the contractions of the G-dly, infinite light of the “Chain of Descent” from cause to effect.

Besides purchasing it at one can download the entire book as a series PDF files from here. The first of these not just include an introduction, but also a detailed table of contents. Under each chapter heading there is a third/half page explanation of what the chapter is about. That should navigating the book for those who are ready to dive into it.

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