Kabbalah Museum

The JTA announced in May the opening of the Jerusalem Kabbalah Museum. It opened in June and its director is Rabbi Chaim Dalfin. Having the director’s name helped me to identify its website, because that was the main connection that made me sure it is indeed JewishCulturalMuseum.com (, which was the main result when I searched for it online.) The museum must have changed its name, because in Google’s cache the pages talk about Jerusalem Kabbalah Museum, while on the current and live pages I found only information about “Jewish Cultural Museum”. To make it even more confusing under chasidicjew.com and you would find the same site as well. It is less surprising that kabbalahmuseum.org also leads to it. On the website there is a list of areas the museum “will” feature: Kabbalah Timeline, Jewish Cultural History, Garments, Artifacts, Holy Books, Manuscripts, Amulets, Reincarnation, Non-Jews, Gift Store, Cultural Art, Youth Education. These are mostly mentioned in future tense, albeit the museum seems to be open, because they have tours. On the websiteit was impossible to find such details as opening hours and entrance fee and the museum’s well-designed brochure is more helpful in this regard.

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