Bruria Finkel and the “The Divine Chariot”

The following article at The LookOut News is the summary of an interview with (and short life story of) Bruria Finkel, an artist whose works are based on and in Kabbalah.

While Bruria Finkel is known in the local political arena as a tireless activist who ran for [Santa Monica] City Council 15 years ago, in artistic circles she’s known as a prominent artist whose symbolic works delve into the mysteries of the Kabbala.

A translator of the works of the 13th Century Spanish Kabbalist poet Abraham Abulafia, Finkel’s works were recently exhibited at Track 16 in Santa Monica, and she is currently looking for a permanent home for her bronze sculpture series, “The Divine Chariot,” in the appropriate space in her native Israel.

The journey that took Finkel from the Holy Land to Santa Monica and her lifelong fascination with Jewish mysticism seems to trace the full circle that has become a major symbol in her art.

Read the full article with pictures.

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