Spinoza and Kabbalah

Kvond posted an entry on his Spinoza centered philosophy blog titled Frames/Sing in June to point out “the connection between some of Spinoza’s most elementary ideas, and the thesis that Spinoza was strongly influenced by concepts found in the Kabbalah and the Zohar.”

In it he extensively quotes  by Henry Walter Brann‘s essay titled “Spinoza and Kabbalah“, in the book “Spinoza: Context, sources, and the early writings” edited by Genevieve Lloyd. The quote posits that Spinoza was influenced by Abraham (Alonzo) Herrera‘s book “Door of Heaven”, which was written in Spanish and translated into Hebrew by Isaac Aboab.

While I only add those anthologies to this site’s catalog where every essay has a connection to Kabbalah (hence Lloyd’s collection will not be included), but it is certainly worthy to mention here.

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