Franck: The Kabbalah (app for iPad, iPod touch, & iPhone)

MacWorld posted a description of the application for the iPad, iPod touch, & iPhone that contains Adolph Franck‘s “The Kabbalah or the Religious Philosophy of the Hebrews” from 1926. The three paragraphs don’t say anything about the features of the free application. Instead they asking for reviews in exchange for a chance to win a $50 card to iTunes. The page  contains three screenshots though. The full text of the book has been available online already at

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  1. George Por says:

    Looking for it in the App Store, I found it along with 9 other Kabbalah books, 4 apps listed in the entertainment category, 1 in education, 5 in lifestyle, 2 in reference, and 4 in utilities, totaling 26 apps.

    To figure out which one should I buy, I’d need a new app called “Guide to Kabbalah Apps in the App Store,” or something like that. 🙂

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