Joshua Max Feldman’s The Book of Jonah

A Young Lawyer, Given a Revelation by God, at Sea About What To Do With It
In Joshua Max Feldman’s entertaining debut novel ‘The Book of Jonah,’ Greed is Good meets Sept. 11

…What does an ordinary man do when confronted with the divine? The answer, in the first and best half of The Book of Jonah, is that he runs. With skillful comic pacing, Feldman shows us Jonah getting himself into worse and worse trouble—with Zoey and Sylvia, with his law firm—because he’s desperately trying to avoid the message to change his life. Yet in a final irony, it is when Jonah submits to his vision—and the others that follow it—that he ends up doing the most real damage, to himself and those around him. Being a prophet, for Jonah as for his namesake, turns out to be an unrewarding job….

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