Book Sale: The Polyphony of Jewish Culture by Benjamin Harshav

This books is on Sale in March: $10 for the hardcover instead of the usual $62.50

This book is a coat of many colors. It is a collection of essays written in English by the distinguished Israeli literary and cultural critic, Benjamin Harshav, covering the whole span of Jewish culture. The essays combine a wide historical scope with meticulously detailed close analyses of the art of poetry. They discuss general aspects of Jewish history, such as the demographic situation of the Jews in Eastern Europe and the phenomenon of exuberant multilingualism, Nobel laureate S.Y. Agnon’s Only Yesterday, the religious/secular nexus in modern Israel, and Herman Kruk’s diaries of the last days of the Jerusalem of Lithuania. We find here condensed yet subtle interpretations of modern Hebrew poems and a comprehensive essay on American poetry in the Yiddish language. Of special importance is the study of the changing formal systems of Hebrew verse from the Bible to the present.

The Polyphony of Jewish Culture by Benjamin Harshav

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