Book Giveaway for Purim & Lent: Reunions in Spring

This Purim/Lent I am giving away a genealogy/adoption chapbook for five days on Kindle, Friday, March 14th – Tuesday, March 18th. 

Here’s a description:
“Reunions in Spring: Meditations for a Holiday Table” is based on civilization’s oldest adoption memoir. It enjoys a lively retelling every spring through the literary genre of the Hebrew ‘haggadah’.
In keeping with this age of redefined families and reproductive technology the stories of Moses, his adoptive Egyptian mother and his Hebrew first family arejourneys worth understanding. 
Bring memoirs, journaling and the celebrations of spring to a richer level through this blend of haggadah, thumbnail memoirs, modern adoption triad psychology and Passover oral traditions.”

You can read an excerpt ahead of time at

Reunions in Spring: Meditations for a Holiday Table: Adoption Search & Familiees by Suzanne Gilbert

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