AJL Judaica Awards: Comprehensive Yiddish-English Dictionary

I am pleased to announce that the AJL Judaica Awards Committee has reviewed 2013 reference and bibliography publications and successfully selected winners for both the reference and bibliography categories.   

Solon Beinfeld and Harry Bochner’s Comprehensive Yiddish-English Dictionary was chosen for the AJL Judaica Reference Award. The work includes 37,000 words and 53,000 definitions. It is a massive achievement and is a valuable resource for students, readers and researchers.

Mosheh Peli’s Mi-kitve ha-ʻitim : ʻitonut ha-haśkalah me-1820 ʻad 1845 was chosen for the AJL Judaica Bibliography Award.  It is a bibliography of eight journals of Haskalah from the Netherlands, Galicia, Germany and Lithuania. The bibliography analyzes each title separately and makes it possible to find articles that are written in archaic Hebrew.

Sharon Benamou

Hebraica/Judaica and Music Catalog Librarian

Comprehensive Yiddish-English dictionary by Solon Beinfeld, Harry Bochner

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