The Train to Warsaw by Gwen Edelman

Jascha and Lilka escape separately from the Warsaw Ghetto in 1942. Reunited years later, they are living in London where Jascha has become a celebrated writer, feted for his dark tales about his wartime adventures. One day, forty years after the war, Jascha receives a letter inviting him to give a reading in Warsaw. He tells Lilka that nothing remains of the city they knew and that wild horses couldn’t drag him back; she is nostalgic for the city of her childhood. Lilka prevails and together, traveling by train through a frozen December landscape, they return to the city of their past. There they will recount to each other the stories of their wartime love and survival. When they unwittingly find themselves back in what was once the ghetto, they will discover that there are still secrets between them.

The Train to Warsaw by Gwen Edelman

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