JRB Israel, in celebration of Israel’s 66th birthday

Here at the Jewish Review of Books our job is to read books, not make them, but we’ve been looking back at the last 18 issues and looking forward to celebrating Yom Ha’atzmaut, and we find, to our delight, that we have a book.And so we introduce, our first e-book: JRB Israelin celebration of Israel’s 66th birthday, available for FREE for JRB subscribers.
In collecting 13 of the best essays we’ve published on Israeli politics, religion, literature, and culture, we aim to bring them the new readers they deserve. A taste:

  • Shlomo Avineri, one of Israel’s leading political scientists and the author of a recent biography of Theodor Herzl, reconsiders Herzl’s novel Old-New Land.
  • Israeli journalist Shmuel Rosner draws on his own experiences and a variety of recent works to look at the lives that the religious settlers on the West Bank “are really living.” 
  • In an essay that many readers have described as their favorite, Ruth R. Wisse, recalls her travels through Israel many years ago with the recently deceased Yiddish poet Avrom Sutzkever, whom she movingly described as “one of Israel’s modern psalmists.”
  • Robert Alter offers an eye-opening reading of poet Yehuda Amichai “at play in the fields of verse.”
  • Anita Shapira, one of the leading historians of Zionism and Israel, chronicles the rise and near-fall of the kibbutz.

So, we invite you to subscribe to JRB todayNot only will you receive the magazine, premium web access, completearchive access, and the JRB app, you will also receive our first e-bookJRB Israel.

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