A Possibility of Violence by D. A. Mishani

Haunted by the past and his own limitations, Israeli Detective Avraham Avraham must stop a criminal ruthless enough to target children in this evocative and gripping tale of mystery and psychological suspense that is the follow-up to The Missing File, the first novel in D. A. Mishani’s literary crime series that was shortlisted for the CWA International Dagger Award.

An explosive device is found in a suitcase near a daycare center in a quiet suburb of Tel Aviv. A few hours later, a threat is received: the suitcase was only the beginning.

A Possibility of Violence by D. A. Mishani

Source: Jewish Book Council

A Possibility of Violence by D. A. Mishani

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  1. jewishbooks says:

    The Man Bringing Hardboiled Mystery Novels to Israel

    When you think of Israeli fiction, you probably don’t think of hardboiled mysteries—you know, the hard-edged, alcohol-soaked whodunits writers like Hammett and Chandler built an institution out of.

    Dror Mishani is interested in changing that. The Israeli author and literature professor has already published three detective novels which have been translated into English, all of which feature a chain-smoking Mizrahi detective named Avraham Avraham. While Mishani’s work is indebted to the detective novel canon, he’s interested in subverting expectation as well: his protagonist, for instance, is a bit of a tragic optimist, who “believes everyone is innocent.”


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