Jewish Mothers Never Die by Natalie David-Weill

Jewish Mothers Never Die by Natalie David-Weill

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Jewish Mothers Never Die by Natalie David-WeillThe mothers of some of the most illustrious Jewish men in recent history
– Albert Einstein, Marcel Proust, Sigmund Freud, Woody Allen, the Marx Brothers – are chatting in heaven. The subject: their respective sons-and their undying love for their mothers. Each one, as before in life, engages in one-upmanship toward the others when speaking about her own renowned offspring, and no opportunity to boast can ever be missed:

“He loves me so much that for my last birthday he bought me a fabulous fur coat.”
“Oh! Mine topped that. He saved money for an entire year and treated me to a fantastic trip to the Caribbean.”
“As for me, imagine, three times a week he actually pays a psychiatrist to talk about me.”

Each woman insists on being the force, the savior, the raison d’être of her son’s career and success. We follow the intricacies of each woman’s marriage and details of her social environment, but more specifically, the relationship with her “unique” child.

Source Jewish Book Council

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