Florence Gordon by Brian Morton

Florence Gordon by Brian Morton

Florence Gordon by Brian Morton The book at Amazon and on Kindle

… I’ve read Florence Gordon, the deliciously sharp and deeply sympathetic new novel by Brian Morton,… [H]ere is a book devoted to a character—Florence Gordon, after whom the book is titled in the grand old nineteenth-century style—who is unlikable as a point of pride, as a matter of self-definition. Indeed, the very first page of the novel is a kind of joking warning, as Morton describes Florence’s plans to write her memoirs: Being old, an intellectual, and a feminist, she muses, she has three strikes against her. “If she ever managed to finish this book, reviewers would inevitably dismiss it as ‘strident’ and ‘shrill,’ ” she thinks. “If you’re an old feminist, anything you say, by definition, is strident and shrill.”

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