Hitler’s Priest by Salvatore Tagliareni

Hitler's Priest by Salvatore Tagliareni

Hitler's Priest by Salvatore TagliareniThe book at Amazon and on Kindle

Hitler’s Priest is a gripping story about the journey of two families during the Holocaust.The story centers on Hans Keller a young German architect invited by Josef Goebbels to become a catholic priest in order to influence the Vatican. His journey from being raised by his adoptive Jewish parents to devoted Nazi is fascinating with a series of twists and turns. The novel is filled with controversies that have never been resolved regarding the relationship between the Church and the German government during the second world war. Some may be surprised to know that there were actually high level clerics who were supportive of Hitler and wished the Roman Church and the Government to form an alliance that would benefit both. There were also countless clerics and nuns, heroes and heroines who at great personal peril, did all they could to alleviate the persecution of the Jews.The novel addresses the fundamental question “Did the church have a responsibility to openly speak out against the atrocities?

Source: Jewish Book Council

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