I’m the Man: The Story of That Guy from Anthrax by Scott Ian


im-the-man-the-story-of-that-guy-from-anthrax-by-scott-ianThe book at Amazon and on Kindle

Excerpt from the book:

My grandpa Moe was a smart guy but he was broke. So he went to the Lower East Side where there was a community of Jews that sort of looked after each other, and he got a job as a grocer. He hustled his ass off and climbed the ladder really quickly. By the time he was in his early twenties, he had his own grocery store in Rockaway, and when he had made enough money, he brought his parents over. They were strict Orthodox Jews, which was weird for my mom because she grew up in Queens in a household that wasn’t religious. They even used to have a Christmas tree around the holidays before her grandparents moved in. Then suddenly she was in this house with her dad’s parents, who only spoke Yiddish and wouldn’t even try to speak English. They were hardcore Jews. They hated Moe’s wife and my mom because they thought Moe deserved better. And they really weren’t good with children. When they made everything super religious, my mom rebelled and tried to run away, but they always got her back. And then her father whacked her with a belt.

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