A Family of Veterans by Mattityahu Yarom

A Family of Veterans by Mattityahu Yarom The book at Amazon and on Kindle

From the author:

Shortly after I published “You’re My Cousin!!! Second Edition” I was reflecting on the fact that quite a few of my extended family had served in the U.S. Armed Forces. I decided to explore how much detail of each individual’s service I could find as a matter of curiosity. I selected just a few people as test cases to determine if I could develop biographies of their military service. Initial success quickly launched me into a rather challenging research and writing project resulting in “A Family of Veterans.”

These relatives, whose service begins in 1911, all have their unique stories. Some of the narratives are based on my first hand, personal knowledge of the person. For many others I have been extremely fortunate to have located service records, newspaper clippings, and military unit histories that have enabled me to present strictly fact based narratives.

There are thirty-five people presented in this book. Of these, one served prior to WWI and during both World Wars. Five served in WWI and twenty-seven served in WWII. Four who had served during the Korean War had prior service during WWII.

I fully expect that many readers’ families would have similar stories. Yes, it takes a lot of research; the result is a living history and testimonial to the veterans in one’s family.


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