Jewish Soul Food: From Minsk to Marrakesh by Janna Gur

Jewish Soul Food: From Minsk to Marrakesh by Janna Gur

Jewish Soul Food: From Minsk to Marrakesh by Janna GurMore Than 100 Unforgettable Dishes Updated for Today’s Kitchen

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A cookbook devoted to the culinary masterpieces of Jewish grandmothers from Minsk to Marrakesh: recipes that have traveled across continents and cultural borders and are now brought to life for a new generation.

For more than two thousand years, Jews all over the world developed cuisines that were suited to their needs (kashruth, holidays, Shabbat) but that also reflected the influences of their neighbors and that carried memories from their past wanderings. These cuisines may now be on the verge of extinction, however, because almost none of the Jewish communities in which they developed and thrived still exist. But they continue to be viable in Israel, where there are still cooks from the immigrant generations who know and love these dishes. Israel has become a living laboratory for this beloved and endangered Jewish food.

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via Bnai Keshet’s Book Fair:

Saturday Nov. 22, 7pm, Bnai Keshet
99 S. Fullerton Avenue, Montclair, NJ 07042

Please join us as we enjoy delicious samples from Israeli cookbook author Janna Gur’s new JEWISH SOUL FOOD, with an Israeli wine-tasting, followed by readings from our featured authors, who explore the immigrant soul in America: Austin Ratner will read from his dark, enchanted IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING, a tale of sons and brothers; Susan Jane Gilman from THE ICE CREAM QUEEN OF ORCHARD STREET, the bittersweet story of a Lower East Side girl and an empire built on soft serve (and incredible nerve).

This evening is free, though we hope you’ll be inspired to buy the books!

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