The Pomegranate Pendant by Dvora Waysman

The Pomegranate Pendant by Dvora Waysman

The Pomegranate Pendant by Dvora WaysmanThe book at Amazon and on Kindle

After more than 15 years in print, “The Pomegranate Pendant” continues to receive literary recognition.

Dvora Waysman has been awarded the 2014 “Shabazi Prize” for the historical novel she wrote, “The Pomegranate Pendant”, published by Mazo Publishers ( ).

The committee of the Shabazi Prize for the Heritage of Jews from Yemen said “we have decided to honor and award you with the 2014 Shabazi Prize for your novel, The Pomegranate Pendant.

We acknowledge its sensitive and creative literary style, which is deserving of the highest praise. Your book is a special cultural treasure, which adds an important chapter to the Zionist History by commemorating the First Aliyah of Jews from Yemen [Aliyah b’Tamar] and their participation in the redemption of Eretz Israel and the establishment of the State of Israel.”

Presentation of the award was made in front of an audience of more than 500 people on Wednesday night, November 12, 2014 in Petach Tikvah, Israel.

The Prize is awarded to researchers, authors and artists who have contributed to the research of the heritage of the Jews of Yemen and their culture.

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