Presentations at EVA/Minerva 2014 Jerusalem International Conference now available

We are glad to announce the availability of the presentations at the 2014 EVA/Minerva Jerusalem International Conference on Digitisation of the Culture that took place last November 10-11.

The presentations are at:

A pdf version of the list can be found at:

The 2014 sessions include:

  • MORESHET the PMO program for recovery and empowerment of the national heritage of Israel
  • Digitisation of Culture plenary addresses
  • A plentiful Museums’ track
  • Best practices in Digital Humanities organized by the World Union of Jewish Studies
  • Europeana projects and progress
  • Judaica Europeana
  • Judaica Harvard International
  • Digital enhancement in the preservation of tangible heritage
  • Creativity, Education and Scientix
  • Digital libraries: what comes next?
  • Digital Creativity
  • We look forward meeting you next November at the 2015 EVA/Minerva
  • Jerusalem International conference in the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.

Dov Winer and Susan Hazan

Co-chairs EVA/Minerva Jerusalem Conference

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