A Hidden Affair by Pam Jenoff

A Hidden Affair by Pam Jenoff

A Hidden Affair by Pam JenoffThe book at Amazon and on Kindle

This is Pam Jenoff’s fourth novel and although it is a continuation of the third, Almost Home, it stands alone. Jordan Weiss suddenly resigns from her position in the U.S. State Department to search for an old boyfriend, Jared. Though he had supposedly drowned in Cambridge soon after their short lived romance there ten years earlier, Jared has recently been sighted in Monaco. Jordan discovers she was betrayed on many levels and her search for Jared turns into a dangerous adventure as she teams up with Aaron, an Israeli operative. They follow clues all over Europe to find answers and closure for the intense relationship that Jordan had with Jared. Meanwhile Aaron is chasing down his own clues for a case of extremely rare and valuable missing wine that disappeared during World War II. The wine trail leads the pair to unsavory encounters with an international counterfeit ring. This romantic suspense novel is a quick and easy read.

Source: Jewish Book Council

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