Outcry: Holocaust Memoirs by Manny Steinberg

Outcry: Holocaust Memoirs by Manny Steinberg

Outcry: Holocaust Memoirs by Manny SteinbergThis remarkable true story chronicles the experiences of Mendel Steinberg as a young man in war-torn Poland. Forced from his home, he and his family were sent to concentration camps in Poland and Germany where his stepmother and younger brother both died. His time in the camps is recounted in a terrifying and poignant coming of age memoir that encompasses romance, death, and a liberation which saw the reunion of his father and one surviving brother. Together the shattered family emigrated to the United States and began the long process of rebuilding their war-torn lives.

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    • Dawn Moursi says:

      Dear Mr Steinberg
      I just read your book. Thank you for writing such a well written book about your personal account of the Holocoust. I couldn’t put your
      book down. I have read books on the Holocoust since I was a child. I could never understand how human beings could be so cruel to each other. I have been thinking about you and felt compelled to reach out and Thank You personally. So Mr Steinberg Thank You for sharing to the world the truth about what went on in your life during those horrible years. May God Bless you and your Lovely family.
      Dawn Moursi

    • Nancy Casey says:

      I just got this book for my Kindle but I need to get it in print for my husband. He is so interested in all things about the holocaust and WW II, especially the camps. Thanks!

    • Ann Watson says:

      Mr. Steinberg,
      Thank you for taking the time to write about your experiences. The world needs to know about the evils that men are capable of committing. (Unfortunately, today, we are hearing and seeing more of that.) I loved hearing how you, Stanley, and your Papa were able to stay together! How wonderful that you were able to emigrate with each other.
      Again, thank you and bless you!!
      Ann Watson

      • manny steinberg says:

        Dear Ann
        Thank you very much , for your concern , no one in the camps knew that we were related,
        my brother and I had a whistle . to communicate with each other , then the Germans separated
        us we were send to different camps ,we were in subcamps belonging to Dachau and Natzweiler ,these were the major camps . when we were evacuated , we all went to a tunnel
        and that’s when I met my brother and father , I was in a hospital ten weeks ,in mosbach Germany , my father in hospital in Heidelberg ,Germany , then we were shipped to a D.P.camp in Stuttgart .Germany on june 1946 we left from Bremen Germany to America

    • Hazel Murray says:

      Dear Mr Steinberg,
      I am eighty years old and in all that time I have never been so moved by any book i have read of a real life account of an experience. I was horrified and shocked at the extent of Mans’ inhumanity to Man.I found it difficult to put the book down.It has had the effect of making me think deeper about these things and my feelings about how such things could ever have happened in such recent times and how it was all allowed to come about in a modern,civilized country instigated initially by an evil madman.It is truly a miracle that you survived such terrible conditions with your papa and brother.Your book has opened my tear filled eyes.God bless you Manny .

    • Ed Beberman says:

      Just read your book. Absolutely wonderful. Brought tears and joy. Jewish but not religious, but in at a time when I see a trend to deamonize Israel, the story of your survival somehow had a great effect on me. Thank you, sir.

      • Dear Ed Beberman,

        I am afraid Manny Steinberg can no longer respond. He passed away yesterday. I know he read all comments and reviews, so thank you for your kind words.

        Liesbeth Heenk – Amsterdam Publishers

    • Lillie Smith says:

      I have just read your book. I honor you for your ability to endure the horrors that were heaped upon you and your family and still remain kind and loving. I honor God for keeping you, your father and brother together and bringing you to America. My heart breaks for all of you.

  2. Dear Nancy, Outcry – Holocaust Memoirs by Manny Steinberg is also available in print from Amazon. This is the link: http://amzn.to/1T8DvTf

    Hope you like the book.
    Liesbeth Heenk – Publisher

  3. Jose M says:

    This is a great book, where the experiences and horrific stories were told as narrated by Mendel. I enjoyed the book very much, which I’ve read on my Kindle, thank you so much for sharing your story, I really appreciate your efforts to tell your story. I admire all of you. You and so many suffered, yet you were able to tell your story and share it with the world. We all hope this would not occur again anywhere. Great book.

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