Adon Olam: A Search for Meaning by Rabbi Zalman Weiss

Adon Olam: A Search for Meaning by Rabbi Zalman Weiss

I know you. I was written nearly 2,500 years ago just for you. I am that prayer you have heard sung in synagogue since your youth. They call me Adon Olam. I was written to light a path for our people through every kind of darkness. Some of the greatest men in history imbued my few short stanzas with wisdom beyond space and time. No matter where you have come from and no matter what you have gone through, my words are instilled with a secret message especially for you.

You feel that there is more to Judaism, much more than you presently understand. You are yearning to connect with a bigger picture, but you don’t have any idea how to find it. Sometimes you don’t even know what questions to ask. I know your feelings and I know your questions.

The Torah tells us that the purpose of Creation is to listen as Hashem beckons us to pull away the clouds that hide Him. Join me on a journey that will banish your clouds of confusion and close all of the breaches between you and your Creator. Do you dare?

I am waiting for you. I will reveal my secrets to you, but let’s take the scenic route, where I will introduce you to a few other searching souls much like yourself. As we will relive their personal adventures, you will receive the answers to both your asked and as yet unasked questions. You, like these young men, will unlock the wisdom of the ancient sages, and you will become a possessor of answers.

(via Jewish Values Center)

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