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A Tikvah Summer Seminar for University Students | New York City | August 3—7, 2015

The Tikvah Summer Seminar for University Students offers participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in the sources and dilemmas of modern Jewish life. Guided by master teachers, students will participate in intimate class discussions and attend exclusive panels and lectures that probe the intellectual achievements of modern Jewish philosophy, explore the social and moral wisdom of Hebrew and Yiddish literature, and relive the Zionist statesmanship that brought about the founding of the State of Israel.

Students will live together in New York City during the week of August 3-7. In addition to assuming the costs of tuition, lodging, and meals, the Tikvah Fund is able to offer a $750 stipend to American and Canadian participants, and $1,500 for other international participants. This program is not designed for Israeli students, who are encouraged to apply to the Tikvah Israel Summer Student Seminars.

Details at Tikvah

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