Salami Jew by Matthew Lippman

Salami Jew by Matthew Lippman

Matthew Lippman’s latest collection of poems, SALAMI JEW, is an extended rumination on one man’s relationship with Judaism. In these poems Lippman grapples with and explores the power of being a Jew under the umbrella of observance/non-observance. The tension between the secular and the religious is the driving force behind these introspective, witty, and fiery poems. SALAMI JEW pulls no punches and does it with sensitivity, honesty, and aplomb. These poems illustrate a man struggling with his identity as a Jew, with his place in the world as a Jew, and with what it means, on a daily basis, to feel the spirit move him in this highly complex and fantastic world.

The book’s page at the author’s site

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