Why the Rabbi Played Clarinet in the Sauna by Dina Shtull

Why the Rabbi Played Clarinet in the Sauna by Dina Shtull

This delightful story about the life of a 20th century rabbi will entertain and enlighten children of all backgrounds. Jack’s solutions to his problems teach universal messages that can be applied far beyond the bounds of any particular religion. They illustrate how dilemmas can be easily solved with a little ingenuity and a lot of humor, and how small kind gestures make the world a happier place. This wonderful children’s book urges young readers to embrace life, make the most of every moment, and laugh along the way.

Why the Rabbi Played Clarinet in the Sauna shows children that role models or elders are interesting characters who enjoy the same things they do. Jack loves to ice skate, play his clarinet, and find ways to help other people. He loves to laugh, particularly at his own jokes. Jack is funny, energetic, and very kind. Bringing clergy down from the pulpit into everyday life, this endearing book fully engages the reader in situations that encourage imagination and creative problem-solving. Parents reading the story to young children will be thrilled with the dialogue that will unfold throughout its pages.

A biographical story that retains its humor and excitement, Why the Rabbi Played Clarinet in the Sauna is the story of author Dina Shtull’s father. As an elementary school principal, Shtull told many stories to the children about inspiring people. It is fitting that her first book is about the person who inspired her. Emphasizing the importance of family storytelling, Shtull wrote this touching children’s book to share the joys and dilemmas of her father’s daily life. Her book is the only one in recent years that explains to children the role of a modern-day rabbi. Teaching children to rejoice in the legacy of adult family members, this fun story will captivate parents and children of all ages for many years to come.

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