Shekhina by Leonard Nimoy

Shekhina by Leonard Nimoy

R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy

Do you think that making people more aware of the presence of the Shekhina is important because there is more evil in the world today?
Let me put it this way. The world today as I see it is in chaos. And I would like to think, in fact I believe, if there were more of a feminine aspect in the daily functions of various nations around the world, perhaps some of this chaos could be avoided or relieved. We are out of balance.  The world, the universe is out of balance. We are in the chaos of darkness. People all over the world, in various ways, are suffering as a result. And I have a strong belief that this lack of balance has to do with the preponderance of the power by the male in making the decisions about how to go about our business dealing with each other in this world. I have a strong belief that if there were more of a feminine presence, more of a feminine consciousness in these processes, we’d have a better chance of being in balance.



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