As Long As The Candle Burns by Chana Bunim Rubin Ausubel

As Long As The Candle Burns by Chana Bunim Rubin Ausubel

“As Long As The Candle Burns” is the memoir of Chana Bunim Rubin Ausubel. The daughter of Irving Bunim, a prominent twentieth-century Orthodox Jewish leader, Chana shares stories of her family’s involvement in the Vaad Hatzolah, the founding of the Young Israel movement, and Jewish outreach spanning more than 50 years.

Having been through a divorce at a time when it was uncommon in the Jewish community, Chana openly discusses the challenges of supporting and raising four children in a single-parent home, in a religious community.

Chana also shares some of the moving and inspiring stories culled from her experiences throughout her working career. She was responsible for setting up Emunah chapters throughout the United States and Israel.

In Israel, Chana developed programs for women to successfully complete conversions.

This memoir provides encouragement to fulfill one’s potential, especially for women who are seeking to become leaders in their community, balanced with family. Central to this memoir is Chana’s love for the State of Israel, and the fulfillment of her dream of aliya. She weaves into her memoir the blessings of family and her ways of transmitting Torah values for as long as the candle burns.

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  1. Chana Ausubel says:

    Hi, my name is Chana Bunim-Rubin-Ausubel. I am the author of ‘As Long as the Candle Burns’. I would like to express my deep-felt gratitude and appreciation the marvelous book review you wrote. I was elated when I came across it on facebook. It was your talent in writing and your perceptiveness that expressed all that I wished to convey in my book and it was beautifully written!

    • jewishbooks says:

      Thank you for the praise, but I didn’t write the post, just copied the information from Congratulation to your book.

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