Disciples of Fortune by Janvier Chouteu-Chando and Janvier Tisi

Disciples of Fortune by Janvier Chouteu-Chando and Janvier Tisi

The gripping tale of the family and the world of Joseph Nana Njike, the man known as the Maker: the most powerful businessman, thinker and advocate of social solidarity of his time in the heart of the African continent.

A soldier in the German colonial army in Kamerun adopts whiz-kid Josef Nana Njike and takes him to Germany where he excels and graduates from the prestigious Humboldt University as an agronomist. He returns to his homeland without his son Hans.

Josef reconnects with his past, starts a family and makes unprecedented sacrifices while building his business empire. He confronts the realities of colonial rule without the protection of his benefactor, grapples with the bizarre challenges of the rule of the new French masters, and experiences losses without losing his vision for his people.

After Hans escapes the growing clout of Nazism and joins his father and new family, Josef thinks he now has the last ace to make his greater vision to come true. But as he observes the birth and growth of the new generation, he wonders whether his descendants would thrive in a land with a mysterious way of transforming heroes to victims and villains to masters. Nevertheless, just like him, his family survives the chaos that engulfs their world.

The zest of life, the search for its true meaning, and the unequivocal love for family weave the characters into this spellbinder.

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