Duet in Beirut by Mishka Ben-David

Duet in Beirut by Mishka Ben-David

For over a decade, Mishka Ben-David was a professional spy, taking part in secret operations on behalf of the Mossad, Israel’s legendary intelligence agency. But after twelve years of service, Ben-David quit the Mossad and became an acclaimed novelist, describing life as a spy from within.

In his novel Duet in Beirut, Ben-David tells the story of Ronen, an expelled Mossad agent, who has disappeared following a failed assassination attempt against the Hezbollah operative responsible for suicide bombings in Israel. Feared to be on an un­authorized mission, it is up to his former commander, Gadi, to track Ronen down and stop him from causing harm both to himself and to his country. The physical and intellectual scuffle between the two men becomes one of deeper, moral inquiry.

Source: Jewish Book Council

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