Even in Darkness by Barbara Stark-Nemon

Even in Darkness by Barbara Stark-Nemon

This novel, which is based on the lives of relatives of the author, tells the story of four generations of the Kohler family, follow­ing their lives in Germany, England, Israel, and the U.S.—before, during, and after the Nazi destruction. Klare Kohler is a strong, passion­ate, and capable woman married to Jacob, a difficult man who suffers from the aftereffects of mustard gas poisoning in World War I. Klare’s long life leads her from a comfortable lifestyle in a German-Jewish family to the tumultuous war years, when she must send her children far away; to incarceration in Thereisendstadt, to a return to her devastated hometown. Klare’s identity as a Jew evolves through her experiences, even as she develops relationships with German non-Jews. This beautifully written story gives the reader insight into a woman who followed an unusual path, and a different angle on post-World War II life.

Source: Jewish Book Council

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