The Dream by H. E. Kline

The Dream by H. E. Kline

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In Honor of the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz … The Dream Special Release … is there a way for past lives or past generations to return? Is there a parallel universe?

One may not know the answers to these questions, but this book will make you think, look into your soul, and wonder: “is this possible”?

Lacy’s nightmares started at five years old: ghastly lucid dreams of soldiers shooting children, young women viciously raped, doctors murdering their patients. “It was just a dream,” Lacy says to herself, or was it?

An incredibly intelligent and artistic child, Lacy’s lack of sleep begins to alter her physical appearance and she is relentlessly tormented and bullied by her peers. “‘Boneyass’ seemed to be the vernacular that stuck and even kids who didn’t know me called me ‘Boneyass’ not in a mean or belittling way, just as a familial greeting.”

Deeply moving, The Dream will make you smile and will make you cry and will stay with you forever.

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