Aggados of Chazal by Racheli David and Dov Luria

FREE kindle version of Jewish books for your children.

The books tell the amazing stories of Chazal legends The deal is limited for few days.

The free books:

Yosef Mokir Shabbos

Yosef Mokir ShabbosThe book tells the story of “Yosef Mokir Shabbos”, that called like this because
he always respected the Shabbos with all his might.
A rich man dreams that all his money will go to Yosef , he tries to avoid from the prophecy of the dream by pledging all his money for a beautiful gem, but strong wind blowing when he is at the sea and changes his plans.
Yosef decides to buy a beautiful and big fish for Shabbos, right before the hour of Shabbos, and in the fish he finds a big surprise…
The story teaches us to invest and honor as best as we can the “Shabbos Queen”.

Everything Is for The Good

Everything Is for The GoodThe book tells the story of “Rabbi Akiva” that was one of the smartest people in his generation, the generation before the destruction.
When Rabbi Akiva comes to town and no one agrees to host him, his spirit didn’t fall,
he didn’t gives up and he believes that “Everything is for the best”.
Rabbi Akiva went to sleep in the forest, he didn’t know how right he was, when no one wanted to host him and other problems encountered during the night were in his favor.
During the night, the robbers come to town, he sees and learns that indeed everything was for the best.
The story teaches us that we need to believe in God and believe in the eternal goodness of God’s actions.

Honoring ParentsHonoring Parents

The book describes the behavior of Rabbi Avimi, the son of Rabbi Abahu that was one of the smartest people and important student of Rabbi Yochanan. He was the head of the Yeshiva in Caesarea and represented the Jews in front of the authorities of Rome Empire.
The story teaches us about the great dedication of Rabbi Avimi to his father.

More books, 99 cents each:

A stone for the Beis Hamikdash
Water for the Olei Regel (pilgrims)
Torah must not be forgotten
The doors of Nikanor
Returning Lost Property
Brotherly Love
A neighbor in Gan Eden (Heaven)
Honoring one’s mother
Also For The Good

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