Forever in Faith by Rebbetzin Bluma Teitelbaum with B. Cohen

Forever in Faith by Rebbetzin Bluma Teitelbaum with B. Cohen

It was dark and cold, and we were working, exerting ourselves, hacking boulders, dragging stones, and running back and forth. We worked all night without receiving a morsel to eat or drink. But each night at midnight, the same act of chessed repeated itself: the slave laborers on the other side of the wall risked their lives and sent over a huge pot of hot coffee to infuse our tortured bodies and souls with a bit of life. I will never forget those moments of revival. It was another deeply moving display of compassion in the depths of the darkness…

The riveting story of the Sassover Rebbetzin is illuminated by rays of chessed and emunah. The physical and emotional suffering the Rebbetzin experienced are beyond comprehension. The challenges she faced after the war were enormous-yet her submission to the Divine Will overpowered every obstacle. Follow the Rebbetzin on her arduous journey, and hear the story in her own words. They will surely strengthen your emunah.

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