Jewish Community Life in Budapest by Verő-Bán Linda

Jewish Community Life in Budapest by Verő-Bán Linda

There is a very colorful and vibrant Jewish communal and cultural life in contemporary Budapest that tourists might not experience during their short stay. Usually they only learn about the painful history and visit depressing memorial sites. They only see empty synagogues. They feel like they are walking on gravestones in the Jewish quarter.The book’s goal is to show that Jewish Budapest is not only about remem- bering the past but also enjoying the present and building the future.In this book you will find information on☞ what it means in practice to be a Neolog Jew,

  • what we eat when we run out of goulash soup,
  • who the most famous Hungarian Jews were,
  • how many Jewish schools there are in Budapest,
  • what it was like to be Jewish in the Communist era,and more than 50 other, frequently asked questions about Jewish community life in today’s Budapest, illustrated with more than 80 photos

The book’s home page and list of shops in Budapest where it is available

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