Lord, Get Me High! by Elchanan Shoff

Lord, Get Me High! by Elchanan Shoff

Making the Most of the High Holiday Season by Exploring Themes from Le-Dovid (Psalm 27)

Lord, Get Me High! mines the words of King David for insight into the High Holiday season, as Rabbi Shoff takes us on an entertaining and deeply insightful journey through the meaning and themes of Psalm 27. It is sure to transform one’s perspective on life, God, and repentance. Rabbi Shoff traces the themes of each verse of Psalm 27 and highlights why this Psalm was selected to be recited during the Jewish penitential season of Elul, through Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot. Each on of the Psalm’s fourteen verses are carefully analyzed to show the intricate message and detailed words that are uniquely suited for this most auspicious and sensitive time of the Jewish cycle. He draws freely and extensively from the storehouses of rabbinic wisdom throughout the ages, and crystallizes the message of Psalm, verse by verse, together with its meaning as a whole, to show the relevance, inspirational content, and beauty of this part of the Jewish calendar, and spark each and every Jew who reads this book closely to experience a more meaningful Elul and Tishrei season.

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