The Voyage by Roberta Kagan

The Voyage by Roberta Kagan

A Historical Novel set during the Holocaust, inspired by real events

On May 13th 1939, five strangers boarded the MS St. Louis, a ship that was leaving Germany on it’s way to Cuba. Hitler had given the Jewish passengers who boarded the ship the promise of safety.  The price for passage was steep,  however, they were willing to surrender everything they owned to be far away from Nazi Germany and Hitler’s murderous Third Reich. Unbeknownst to them they were about to embark upon a voyage built on secrets, lies, and treachery. They would be challenged to make unfathomable sacrifices that put their fate, the fate of those they loved and their very lives on the line. But the voyage on the MS St. Louis was only the beginning of the journey these five souls would embark upon. What they would experience on that ship  in the spring of 1939, would link them together for the rest of their lives.


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